visonic garden

sonic interest met long ago, an ever glooming interest in sound related visuals, as close and direct as possible, “related” to the sound, yet unsatisfying since sound interpreted to wall projection, what is most common, by any means, finally becomes confronting, directing view and therfore listening angle too.

on the search for escape, project SoniLumatrice arose, engaging analog modular synthesizer, with an oscilloscope module on board, offering analog composite video, to be fed in office type wide angle projector, throwing the video stream from the VD-01 osilloscope tool, into a body of haze, as the page background shows.


this approach emerged just by meeting Denny Lightray, light-artist in vienna, when he watched me, using the socillopscope tool with an old analog b/w tv set, to tune long lasting beatfrequencies between oscillators, tuned in same frequency, to create lissjous figures. he just saw, what i could not have imagined since, the rays of this projected wander throught space, over time, hitting random dirsibuted haze particles in air.

on the other hand, i had experimented with liquids activated by sound since a while too, yet had used it in installation, but with fieldrecordings mainly and i had done some experiments on cymatics.

when i met Denny, i learned about “liquid lights”, what made me keen to put sound into the liquid lights. this did not work as i hoped, but therefor opened an unexpected approach. making a light-speaker.

the lightspeaker, is simply a speaker, its cone is filled with liquid, which creates ephemeral sound sculptures, when activated by sound, simmilar, like the SoniLumtrice, but very different, as SoniLumatrice wide and big sculptures are faint and easily disrupted by turbulences in the airbody, while the sculptures in the speakers can be made changing shape slowly andĀ  the volume reveals the realtime 3-d shape of the water body, while reflections from lightsources highlite the ridges, which follow the higher frequency parts, while the basic shape follows the fundamental of the sound run into the speaker.

.. latest test images

more here on testing area