VISONIC GARDEN @ “Take that Playground” / Take Festival April 2017

visonic garden first exhibition / installation … first time enough space available to put the topography of visonic interrelated, spatial and material communication.


a close view on the lightspeaker

visonic generator from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.



some shots with visitors


What turned out, is many. Plenty of feedback, lots of visitors. Unexpected, but highly appreciated long time, people took to explore details, angles perspectives and yet many more interesting situations, raising questions on setup, communication etc. for the work and yet too, concerning installation, without me doing the communication, which otherwise would be handed to staff, organizers, etc.

So in order to meet the many questions, likely to arise anywhere, as I witnessed some serious “problems”, as sometimes the seen, witnessed, openly layed out lines of communication [the wires] and transmaterialization / and/or medial transcription [the visonic machines staged], as well as open “design” of the different engines, were overrun by concepts of “how to”.

So for exaple many, mainly men, introduced a camera into the light-speaker machine, even after precisely explaining the move of the light, from the liquid filled speaker cone to the lens, then to the mirror, and then there had to be a camera, while the mirror poinetd directly to the wall on which the projection of the sounding body of liquid appeared, physically spoken, even before one could hear it, sitting next to the device.



On the other hand, at least some found the small precious details in the single aprts, as well as concerning the whole communication within the installation.

A nice experience was, that specially youngsters went for the physical properties and concepts, of which the installation lives and breaths, starting in groups discussions on relations, some commenting they would have spent more on physics and natural seinces, if at least some experiments would have been the way, the machine visonic garden dwellers are set up.

Yet the liquid itself is source of many other experiences, like the bright, silverish body of liquid in the light-speaker, which led some to the assumption, it might be quicksilver, or the repeatedly put explanation to the dark seas of sound, this were ferro fluids or something similar.


silent seas of black from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.



So there is cleaerly a tendency towards explanations, seeing, perception, which is guided by common, daily experiences, routines and socialized approaches to senses, matters, media and as I find, on techniques and technolgy, which seem to become blurry in many cases, as the digital domain renders processes into the void of the black box called container or a codec, involving processes, which are at the core, like algorithms, of which does only get some detail parameters at hand, while the algorithm is hidden, and obfuscated, so a space of the unknown, unseen, unheared, while visonic garden machines are open, openly visible parts and connections, so therefor the installation is yet an open map of communication lines between and within the parts.









some screen / video stills of projection: