visonic garden installation

visonic garden

Space time matter relations

Distributed speakers in a room, act as holders for and shapers of liquid bodies, following the analog generated signals, exciting the speaker, causing density-waves travelling through both, near air body and contained liqid body.

The speakers, mounted for diffferent positions, form a topography, which is to respond to detected spatial conditions, concerning low frequencies and phenomena of modes of low frequency energy in air, which result from the structural design of the location, while the topography is about to shape a sound – space – experience area, where diving for the audio-visual – indvidual perception, of the small scale sound – matter relations, in the lively waterbody, sculpted by sound, invites to detect the larger scale sound – space interaction, revealed by a low frequency speaker provoke the „modes“, which will cause position related situations of mixes between the more faint distributed sources and the space filling low end.

The whole installation is yet an audio-visual, or as I would call, visonic, approach, as he relations between positionings, are connected with the invitation to go on a search, for an individual approach , like one wanders through a garden, a park, an unknown place.

Therefor the water filled speakers reveal its mediated ephemeral ever changing sound sculpture, by carring one’s own small – light source, to dive into the soundwise troubled waters, what will put upfront the visual perception sensitivity, which is yet univetably connected with the audio perceptional system, which is vital for the creation / perception of now, while ever had been importantly connected to check the overall situation, of security, orientation etc and still is.

All sonic and visual are deriving from analog synthesizer and sound transducers, like pickups, piezo, etc, searching for resonance, and feedback, to activate the spatial structure and yet meet the inherent differences of sounds behaviour in different media, like air or solids and liquids

relations matter