is about experiments on analog generated sound, as source and matter for audiovisual ephemeral, spatial sculpting.  space, sound, matter and time visonics … what you hear is what you see … realtime analog audiovisuals cast via liquid or haze into light.

my core of interest is to do realtime av in terms of the visual aesthetics are a main feedback for the composition in time, as well as for the grounding sound set, based on analog, mainly modular, synthesizers utilizing two different interfaces for casting the light – sound striaght forward into space.

therefore the lightspeaker, the most straight forward av tool, developed together with Denny Voch / Denny Lightray, casting the sound primarily in a speaker and thus in liquid, so into space, into a volume, which is the 3-D Lightmodulator.

the other way is using a MFB VD-01 Videoscope module, or two, embedded in the modular analog synth system with analo composite video out running into control monitor and projectors in hazed space casting rays, following, visualizing the sound.


some soundsculpting in liquids … the loudspeaker spoke up and shaped some liquid in the cone

soundsculpting liquid from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.


preparing lightspeaker for live performance at Signal Zirkus Vienna


tidal dance from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.


first lightspeaker performance at Musik Raum Garage Vienna

lightspeaker-performance from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.


video and some stills from stereo experiment in 2015


raydance technoid.AVI from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.



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