sound matter light relations

Sound is not in vacuum, in absence of matter, particles, which can be moved, causing density waves in matter which travel at matter dependent speeds.

Light can travel through non matter areas, and does so, with slightly changing, but still constant speed, if wandering through solids, or liquids, yet incredibly fast.

While light alters spatial perception and appearance, sound activating structures and spatial conditions interfere, sound reveals the space, while the space answers to the sound propagated into, answering spatioaccoustic to electro acoustic activation.

Sound and light yet share, that parts of our perceptional system, receive order in sound and light from frequencies, wavelenghts, becoming colors and timbres, time based shifts of color in sound of light by filtering, or time based, transitional effects, envelopes of intensity in glow and volume etc…

SoniLumatrice done at Playground AV 2015 installation mode

contoured sonilumatrice from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.


Visuals are helpful for sound works, tools using colors and shadings for better understanding of frequency areas present in the mix or for the track to become more back or front related in perception, sonification is yet a vast area of activities to put sound into use in daily life, as making use of the ever wake channel, the observer without focus, sitting in the soundscape listening lierally ever. While the sound tools, I use, tend to flash and blink and let move colored flashes in lines and circles, an optical mess on the one hand, but after a while you learn to get information, helpful for your sound sculpting in realtime, from the flash orgy.

Studio view with sonostrobe active but to fast for cam

poli ottocento from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.


These thoughts, besides some yet grown interest in sound / light / matter / space relation and about sensitive sound, in terms of sound altering according to sensitive devices, like sensors, for dust, smell, temperature, moisture, made me think of an sound light installation where analog modular synthesizer, speakers filled with liquids, lightsources sensitive to sound, like sonostrobe, lightspeaker and sonilumatice.

“Sonostrobe” is a setup controling a analog cv 0-10V strobe, by sound, direct by wire from the mixer, while Lightspeaker is using liquid filled speaker, with lighting, as sound – light projector. Sonilumatrice further uses analog modular equipment to make sound figures cast into haze

All three are yet used in performances, even in hybrid, but I found during work recently that it might be very intreresting distributing one sound set via different channels delivering split areas of sound in terms of frequencies and timbre, while on the other side light as well will appear from and at different areas within the installation space, yet again serving spilt, isolated partials of the sound in different visual layers and approaches.

A further interesting aspect of an installation in dim space is that with individual light sources, movable lightsources, one can dig her or his own shows on the speakers, what anyway will happen if enought light would be in space, as the closeness to the source makes the sound come into centre of the mix and change perspective of sight …

Closeups of speaker activating liquid … nice the edges of the waves craved by overtones

cym_laKE from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.


SoniLumatrice_Realtime Visonics

is about experiments on analog generated sound, as source and matter for audiovisual ephemeral, spatial sculpting. space, sound, matter and time visonics … what you hear is what you see … realtime analog audiovisuals cast via liquid or haze into light.

my core of interest is to do realtime av in terms of the visual aesthetics are a main feedback for the composition in time, as well as for the grounding sound set, based on analog, mainly modular, synthesizers utilizing two different interfaces for casting the light – sound striaght forward into space.

therefore the lightspeaker, the most straight forward av tool, developed together with Denny Voch / Denny Lightray, casting the sound primarily in a speaker and thus in liquid, so into space, into a volume, which is the 3-D Lightmodulator.

the other way is using a MFB VD-01 Videoscope module, or two, embedded in the modular analog synth system with analo composite video out running into control monitor and projectors in hazed space casting rays, following, visualizing the sound.

some soundsculpting in liquids … the loudspeaker spoke up and shaped some liquid in the cone

                        soundsculpting liquid from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.


preparing lightspeaker for live performance at Signal Zirkus Vienna

tidal dance from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.


first lightspeaker performance at Musik Raum Garage Vienna

lightspeaker-performance from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.


video and some stills from stereo experiment in 2015

raydance technoid.AVI from Sonifer / SoniLumatrice on Vimeo.


a Michael Schweiger Project