sonifer studio in progress (2014-2016)

some from 2014




session cuts spring 2015


a recording from the search for convertable studio setup built from live setup and a fixed base with extension arround the live setup where analog synths and drums meet samples in both
goal for the live setup is to fit travelling by train, containing modular analog synth, one delay, one analog kbd mono-synth, analog drums and samples.
goal for the extension is to get additional voices, like from the se-1 and to engage more filters, delays etc. and to record directly from the mixer simultaneously digital via usb and to tape-machine as main recording unit. used studio setup:
octatrack is clock for the whole system and mastersequencer sets pace and syncs orb seq for minibrute (driven by analog cv of orb) and raveolution 309 as seq for mfb schlagzwerg (driven by analog cv extr. from midi by MUC 430) cv, gate and acc. of orb and cv out from minbrute are engaged in 2 rows of analog modular synth adding two free but coupled floating voices mainly appearing through analog delay memoryman hazarai. studio electronics se-1 is hooked on kbd of minibrute. drums consist of analog drums of schlagzerg and samples from octatrack. analog modular synth and se-1 routed partly through fx of octatrack.

tape_d oct 2015

most current: tape_it _ dec 01 2015 original recording reel to reel analog tape machine … unfortunately some loss due to AD conversion to put it online … all sounds from pure analog synthesizers … minibrute, SE-1, Schlagzwerg, analog keys, sherman fb, memoryman hazarai … and early digital delay ibanez d 1100

filter dance _ nov 22 2015


current tracks


hike the rivers fountain