electronic dance music project sonifer

Sonifer names the analog electronic dance music project of michael schweiger

Deriving from abstract noise / feedback setups, since long a desire for technoid, groove oriented electronic music rose. The wish for a separate, name for this, emerged in 2013, as an approach to seperate sonification and sound-art projects, from the analog synthesizer experiments, which had not only shifted, or better said travelled, but yet had grown, since some time, from noise and immersive space activating sound-scapes towards groovy, bass and beat oriented approaches.

Meanwhile the (re)search had materialized as a studio-setup, involving sequencers, drum-machines and keyboard type analog monophonic synthesizers, while still modular rack for modulation sources and drum enhancement is on the live list as well as analog echos.

In 2015, ultimate need for change had been reached, to break the long held dogma of pure analog sound works.

Sonifer started to research for and examine different setups with resulting different musical and audible characteristics and possibilities together, not anymore keen to stay 100% analog, but to focus on playability and versatility concerning live-set setups. At core, there are still analog synthesizers and sequencers, hot/versatile filters, different drum- machines, analog and digital, to choose the fitting two for the current performance.

Further Sonifer started to adopt audiovisual components from other project called SoniLumatrice, introducing a sonic stroboscope and sound visuals as beam-projection straight from the sound via oscilloscope to projector.

Current setup features two analog key synths for bass line and top-line, two beat machines one analog one digital sample machine representing some of the analog studio synths with footage prepared for the different sequences of the live set, fx-galore and SonoStrobe.

https://sonifer.bandcamp.com/ http://expanderrr.servus.at/sonifer/ https://www.facebook.com/S0NIFER/

With fall 2014, when a poly 800, an electribe duo es-1  /er-1 and raveolution 309 rounded the work environment, which i use for production and live performances too. Since moving to Vienna, gaining space, more machines and analog modular stuff came along and as space is not the issue these days, setups change quite often, what makes it interesting, ever new phases of exploration and approach.

Performances, playlists and albums are somewhat linked to such phases, while each exploration phase meets different developments discoveries and surprises, which feedback into approaches to work between programming and playing, syncing and free-run.

In 2014 dbd “dusted_bass_n’_drum” reconnected both spheres of activity as dust sensors where engaged to interfer at certain points of modulation parameters, to introduce random, deriving from spatial conditions and movement / activity of audience, as bodys carry and emitt dust as with every move, yet moving, causes turbulences and moves in the air body, causing travel of dust particles. In 2015 it’s about introducing air-quality sensors and combined temperature and humidty sensors, to widen the scope of sensable results of interactivity and spatial set.

In 2015 and 2016 SE-1, more modular analog equipment, a keystep and filterbank came on board, still recording the most liked ones on tape. Found a copicat tape echo fully working at a second hand shop, koma ft-201 is reactivated as well, still on board memoryman hazarai, manacor analog echo, ibanez 1100 erlay digital flanging delay – sometimes octatrack in use, sometimes schlagzwerg seq. by raveolution 309.

In 2016 further interest for polyphonic and multitimbral approaches grew, while the studio had to be ripped into pieces for live performances, SoniLumatrice realtime AV-projects and Michael Schweiger projects, leaving each time different remaining machines and tools, which I started to put into small setups, which would fit into two trolleys and a backpack