sonifer – analog electronic dance music

sonifer loves noise and sound as sound is sound is sound…



sonifer started as Michael Schweigers project on sound and analog electronic music.  sound as medium and/or material and listening as sense found my interest many years ago and I still like to use different ways of generating, extracting or simply grabbing sound and play with it as I like to listen and compose sounds even only in the head while my attention gets cought by a sound while walking, waiting ….

sonifer is refers  the aocustic counterpart of lucifer, the light donor, denoted by religions as the prime evil, while light itself stayed as the prototype of the good,  goodness and divinity. don’t hit the runner seems not been know these times or simply ignored.

enlightenment and  other concepts and terms prolonged “our” common sense of light as beeing good while darkness is dangerous and/or evil.

in the shadows there are monsters awaiting for us, similar is the biforked notion of sound, or noise versus silence.

and similar, still, the widespread tendency of worship tone and “harmony” while sound and noise still are located in the realms of evil unmusical (evil) chaos.

therefore i started this blog, to contribute my  ideas concerning sound, noise and art, as well as my works related to sound and noise asnd its relations.

as result of beeing witness of a quite strange scene at an arts exam where the dull question for physical and technological defniition and separation of musical tone against nonmusical sound I decided to call it “sonifer”, as i will leave here works, ideas, links and other traces, which all will concern the audible realm and our acoustic sensory instruments which,  enable to think with the ears, and thus offer amounts of audible, of course never seen, information concerning individual as well as societal situation. Or more general we can learn a lot by active listening and trying to understand the realtions between what we hear and what we do and contribute to the current shape of the acoustic commons.


update 2014:

sonifer loves noise and sound as sound is sound is sound…

meanwhile the focus shifted and sonifer is concentrated on analog electronic live music, while reading and writing is paused, or better put, handed over to Michael Schweiger as well as the more experimental / soundart related works, to keep the two approaches from getting to much blurred.

hope you enjoy what you find here..

sound(turtles) after all ;)

update 2015:

sonifer leaves the long held dogm of pure analog sound works and started to bring different setups with resulting different musical and audible characteristics and possibilities together, not anymore keen to stay 100% analog.

further out of sonifer a new artistic id emerged, as contact with intersting visual oriented people fostered the idea of see the sound, and therefor SoniLumatrice made its way as a realtime AV 100% analog audiovisual concept. all signals remain 100% analog till the visible stream gets in the projector.



dbd – dusted bass’n drum @ Regular Lines Linz

dbd is a joint between michael schweigers data_opera project and Michael Schweigers musical performance project Sonifer and bridges and combines Michael Schweiger’s attempts in sonification and sonorization of environmental data and Sonifer’s longing to include interactivity into the perfromances, without going for the “where is the sensor” and/or “what can I influence via interation” ganes, which are boringly /blunt proliferating and crowding interactive art still and more and more.

dbd moreover is joking and earnest at the same time leaving the interating visitors and participants in uncertainty concerning their influence in terms of portion and if persent or not too. And therfore this imitates vital topics of media, media-system and political system and moreover their interactions and interdependencies in shaping reality.

Sonifer is controling to which extent dust concentration in the air of the performance room and its propagation and move influences the parameters linked to the data representing control-voltages which shape parameters of the analog synthesizers. The interacting participants can not tell to which extent their behaviour influences the dust concentration, nor can they determine to which extent measured dust-concentrations and their representing voltages control the sound parameters. This is similar to the lack of transparency to which extent media system and poltics and politicians react due to dust-concentration and air-pollution related health issuses and to which extent they obey more to industries needs than to health concerns and most important, when they move more into the one direction and when back to the other. With a maybe bitter smile, it’s the same for Sonifer dbd performances for sure dust concentrations are measured the whole performance time through, but who can tell if the information transfered in to control -voltages reaches the target parameters and moreover how direct or indrect and to which extent even the controling influence causes the overall sound situation.