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1) Michael Schweiger / Sonifer live at KAPU / soundscape series 29/ 01/ 2012 Live performance utilizing drone synths, some modular analig equipment, bowed cymbals, digital processing and looping with ableton live and self-resonating bass guitar on amp

2) Sonifer at DOKAPI 22 / 03 / 2012 / Super Collider Workshop 22-03-2012 

3) Sonifer at Raumschiff Linz inoff. Ars Electronica 2014 night-line 05 / 09 / 2014  analog synths, analog drums, analog filters


Michael Schweiger public space works

dehnfugen drone is a recording of realtime sound-intervention at voest brücke linz summer 2013 developed for Ucradena Galeria Linz

piezos attachted to the steel structure of the bridge and mics recording echos of the steel body are sensing the acoustic answers of the bridge and deliver it for realtime processing with granular and resonating software tools and interfers with the soundscape of the bridge. small speakers are tilted, so the sound gets reflected from the bottom of the bridge towards the path where pedestrians, joggers, bikers etc. pass by.

interesting was, that the subtle intervention was enough to draw attention of people apporaching or passing by. one predominant questions remaind, and all what we here from the speakers comes from the bridge? if the rythm is considered the story the story remained to be the bridge own’s but got told with some “unterton”


chaossphere tectites0001 cymbal is made from cymbals, bowed and heavily processed and knobbed reaktor instruments from metaphysical section plus noise and analog feedbacl from mixer aux crossfeeds.

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