dbd – dusted bass’n drum @ Regular Lines Linz

dbd is a joint between michael schweigers data_opera project and Michael Schweigers musical performance project Sonifer and bridges and combines Michael Schweiger’s attempts in sonification and sonorization of environmental data and Sonifer’s longing to include interactivity into the perfromances, without going for the “where is the sensor” and/or “what can I influence via interation” ganes, which are boringly /blunt proliferating and crowding interactive art still and more and more.

dbd moreover is joking and earnest at the same time leaving the interating visitors and participants in uncertainty concerning their influence in terms of portion and if persent or not too. And therfore this imitates vital topics of media, media-system and political system and moreover their interactions and interdependencies in shaping reality.

Sonifer is controling to which extent dust concentration in the air of the performance room and its propagation and move influences the parameters linked to the data representing control-voltages which shape parameters of the analog synthesizers. The interacting participants can not tell to which extent their behaviour influences the dust concentration, nor can they determine to which extent measured dust-concentrations and their representing voltages control the sound parameters. This is similar to the lack of transparency to which extent media system and poltics and politicians react due to dust-concentration and air-pollution related health issuses and to which extent they obey more to industries needs than to health concerns and most important, when they move more into the one direction and when back to the other. With a maybe bitter smile, it’s the same for Sonifer dbd performances for sure dust concentrations are measured the whole performance time through, but who can tell if the information transfered in to control -voltages reaches the target parameters and moreover how direct or indrect and to which extent even the controling influence causes the overall sound situation.

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