Sonifer live set section

current album

trajectory planes of development

new reliable compact setup: minibrute 2s – drumbrute – octatrack – ft-201 – memoryman hazarai – classic chorus

trajectory planes of development Sonifer 07-2018




preparing one hour live set @Sub Vienna – 30/11/2017 – 00:00 – 01:00 – 01/12/2017

done with part of setup for live set at Sub Vienna 30/11/2017…both early minibrutes, drumbrute, octtrack, SE-1 and Poly 800, both sampled to OT for perfomance, as they stay at home. filterbank2 memoryman hazarai, monachor analog delay,+ early boss digi reverb combo, for fxed single drums from drumbrute, ft-201 seq. filter treats bass line brute, some chorus on higher brute. still missing original first generation electribe-s, with original samples on board, for the real flavor and skecthbook fieldrecorder for fieldrecording feeds at the gig





  “open mind clear view”

Sept. 2017 “for ears legs and mind”

July 2017 “gaja theory”

released July 22, 2017


motion in heat freeze [brute beats + bass / SE 1 / octatrack]

released July 12, 2017





usson_ic 3 [brute beats and bass meet octa samples]

done with surrent live set setup 3 brutes for bass and beats optional plus octatrack for some sample / fx support
current album usson_ic 3, released April 18, 2017


f8(t=d) 2 floor [brute beats and bass meet octa samples]

brute beats and bassline flavoured with a little OT sample seasoning some analog delay …
current album f8(t=d) 2 floor, released April 9, 2017


laurie of noise boards [4 analog synths meet octa samples  + sonic interacting strobe]

from rapid spring system challenge, released March 4, 2017
brute orbish komatuous ft201 crew … old board poly 800 … shermanized synthetic music systems aka dual vco vs filterbank 2 … analog delay rulezz z zzz zz z
related album “rapid spring system challenge” released March 4, 2017


the brute core [minibrute octatrack and one additional beat achine]

done with octatrack as beat core and realtimeresampling electribe s drum-machine and  additional sounds / efxing minibrute orb ft-201 section
related album “the brute core” released January 22, 2017


older live sets

octaframe [octatrack meets analog modular]

done with octatrack realtimeresampling schlagzwerg drum-machine and controling modular analog synth for bass-line and additional sounds shaped by analog modulation sources as well as fx like phasing / spring reverb / stereo pannig done in the modular domain … all  mixer fed fx delays used are all analog … fx on beats are from octattrack, which itself feeds the analog delays
related album “kaamos noon” released January 12, 2016

strctly analog [the anlog pure]

done strictly with schlagzwerg drum-machine and modular analog synth for bass-line and additional sounds and modulation sources as well as fx like phasing / spring reverb / stereo pannig fx delays used are all analog
related album “strctly analog” released November 6, 2016


reloc8 [small setup octatrack / minibrute based]

octatrrack with embedded electrice s – beats from mesehd up and twisted factory presets … mangled and interlaced by octatrack realtime programmed and altered beats … bassline minibrute se – orbed and filterd by ft201
related album reloc8, released October 29, 2016


galaxy elec-tribe s [big setup electribe s / minibrute based]

galaxy elec-tribe s concept:  each track will be done using electribe es-1 factory patterns and sounds as ground layer and starter for composition.
the preset patterns are a starting point, original tracks never will be used unaltered, while altering must not obscure the pattern, as it is about a personal homage on this beat engine.
electribe es-1 further is main fx for analog bass line. addtional beats from octatrack and additional analog synth voice all together fit two trolleys, mixing desk and delays included, yet an easily transportable live set kit
Related album “galaxy elec-tribe s” released October 3, 2016