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From audiovisuals to Visonic

SoniLumatrice at first named a realtime analog av generator based on analog modular synthesizer, while meanwhile SoniLumatrice became the counterpart, the second face to Sonifer, the electronic music project, sounding ever since 2013.

From this early stage of interst in a different, uncommon approach to audio visuals, this longing led to the need to coin a term, like a dogma, a principle oriented approach, somewhat research oriented, VISONIC.

In case of first approach, the audible sound went along with a visual representation, by utilizing videoscopes, oscilloscopes, with analog composite video out. As sound is a space dependent and spatial (inter)active matter, the visualiziation is not a on screen, towards a borderprojection, directing the focus of perception, but a beam-projection into haze and stage fog building sound-tunnels exceeding the angles of visual perception.

Meanwhile “visonic gardens”, the “the lightspeaker” and further experiments utilizing speakers, fluids, laser, lenses, mirrors etc. emerged. All treated by sound, in bodily, material varible forms and matters, fog, dust, water, mirrors, strings and lenses, used to transmediate and transmaterialize sound, in form of airborn, body-sound, or in form of oscillating electron flows.

SoniLumatrice got its own area



Performance setup at “grundstein 7” Vienna


Clip from nightly tests – therefore very silent sound from the modular synth as very low frequencies are involved.



Performance setup from Playground AV June 2015:


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