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resurrbeats x smellobass ______ undeads talk on wastedness

resurrbeats x smellobass undeads talk on wastedness is about beats made from samples which, are resurrected sounds, or formerly denoised away, cut and muted, filtered and partially suppressed or masked out accompanied by an analog synth bass utilizing some analog modular equipment and arduino utilizing a standard “air quality” sensor used for air conditioning systems in malls, hospitals etc.


so all drums are sound  samples played from an outdated first generation electribe es-1 sample drum machine.

all samples are from recordings I did myself, all cut, edited and effected including denoising only by audacity and audacity internal plugins/fx. all sources from works done for Radio FRO or personal works.

bass will be done with minibrute analog synth with additional modulation and filtering/effecting in realtime by analog modular synth frame, which is partially controlled by semlly information from leftovers

leftovers in a bag or a char, which can / should be brought by visitors, participants, mates, you …

a standard “air quality” sensor designed for control of air control systems in hospitals, malls, airports etc…

the sensor knows 5 states which are not further explained, but claim to be aware of smell, as well as bad air in terms of lack of oxygen or to much carbon mon-/di-oxide etc. or alcohol …

besides the states the temp status can be read out as analog voltage too

both are used to control parameters of the bass line

resurrbeats x smellobass undeads talk on wastedness  is in state of development no sounds or pictures  yet for idea on directions follow links on older similar projects: smell sensor   sensor sound control   history and examples