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sonification visualized

sonification visualized is a crossover between two interests: sonification of information, sensual – information … sensations turned in audible sensations and visualization of sound … waveforms asocitations between sounds etc… Ninos Consentidos Vienna Sound Recording recorded with zoom recorder mounted on the ceilling – it is ob-audible that performance was silent and subtle at certain […]

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public space sonification projects

first public space sonification / acoustic intervention project t_d_a7: traffic drone a7 is a public space acoustic intervening sound work, realized on July 1 2013 at the “Voestbrücke” in Linz Austria. it is a very raw sonification piece, projecting the modified and enhanced sounds and beat triggerd by traffic hitting as cars hit the expansion […]

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sonifer on soundcloud

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dbd – dusted bass’n drum @ Regular Lines Linz

dbd is a joint between michael schweigers data_opera project and Michael Schweigers musical performance project Sonifer and bridges and combines Michael Schweiger’s attempts in sonification and sonorization of environmental data and Sonifer’s longing to include interactivity into the perfromances, without going for the “where is the sensor” and/or “what can I influence via interation” ganes, […]

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just sound all the way down … BRUNCH-ON … Aug. 6. 2013 … GH. Schön

analog or digital one against the other or mixed together confrontation or modulation …. anyway the sound makes the music the tool stay’s a tool the dogma is believe belive is fixation fixation is freezing and so on and on on on… just sound all the way down More Info cu. s.    

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Analog Synth Sessions

Here a first glance of what I do with my modular analog synth besides drones:

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