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SoniLumatrice at AV Playground / feat. AV Node 30.10.2015

Sonilumatrice with adapted setup: analog modular synth with VD-01 from MFB as visualizer and further sound sources: se-1 and mini brute and electribe es-1 with beats unsync audible mix: individual tracks for 1 stereo voice and four mono voices from modular set plus mono voice from mini brute and stereo-voice from gently analog delayed se-1 […]

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analog AV “SoniLumatrice” at Playground AV Mai 2015

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    Playground AV Festival exists since 9 years and is/was located near Salzburg at SKAGOG cultural initiative once a year since founding. 2015 Playground AV Festival conquered Vienna, as main engine, the out of the group emerging 4youreye – AV artist collective is based there . The area is just dreamtastic for such a […]

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ephemeral AV sculpting

ephemeral a/v sculpting is one strain of audiovisual interest since late 2014 … when I met a colleague, Denny Lightray / Denny Voch, who is amazingly into analog branches of light art … when he realized, I use a videoscope for gaining an additional sensory channel on fine-tuning analog synthesizers, and retuning / detuning during […]

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sonification visualized

sonification visualized is a crossover between two interests: sonification of information, sensual – information … sensations turned in audible sensations and visualization of sound … waveforms asocitations between sounds etc… Ninos Consentidos Vienna Sound Recording recorded with zoom recorder mounted on the ceilling – it is ob-audible that performance was silent and subtle at certain […]

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