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analog AV “SoniLumatrice” at Playground AV Mai 2015



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Playground AV Festival exists since 9 years and is/was located near Salzburg at SKAGOG cultural initiative once a year since founding.

2015 Playground AV Festival conquered Vienna, as main engine, the out of the group emerging 4youreye – AV artist collective is based there .

The area is just dreamtastic for such a frestival, two well known clubs and a dozen of “Stadtbahnbögen” which are used by residential collectives and/or some of those remaining unused, where hired for the festival. And all this between a heavy traffic area, therefore no troubles concerning sound, and the Donaukanal, both sides offerd plenty of architectural and other structures to activate with light and sound.

The Bögen hosted workshops, installations, meetings, performances … and there location offered a lot of people passing by dropping in, as the way to the main venue of the evenings was along the open Bögen during nightly setup activities.

This offered over the whole festival lots of situations of exchange, talk and even development.

Very interesting though the incredible openness of all organizers, team and helpers, nurturing a spirit of and leaving space for selforganizational interactions between participants, while the orga core was never tired of actively connecting people whom they considered beeing interested in the works and ideas.

Here some impressions from the festival, my contributions, setup, idea, links etc.





my personal highlite the  liquid sky berlin – lsb.TV realtime live AV jam session – 6 hours of intense real-time production in an environment that was source and (re)mix-space at once as well. feedbacked through monitors revealing the mixed visual live output, while the space and different angles and perpectives of live-cams and looped stuff layered, reprojected in and onto the production space, while sound remix bits entered the stage in different forms challenging the current soundlayers as well as activating at least in me, sound-deja vue or better said acoustic anamnetic pehomena.

the contribution of the analog modular AV generator “SoniLumatrice” interacted on both sensual streams, casting analog sounds activating the workspace till spatial – acoustic response making structres answer, that (re)appeared as ephemere dancing sound in a constant haze flow in the visual domain. sound and light-form correspond, as both are one in the electrical domain. But the time-spatial  dimensions of both, once materialized in two interacting domains of our complex general sensing system, both draw attention “individually” and meet different preformed systems of combination of sensual inputs into reality. I felt during time, that a shift took place giving more attention on the sound as sound, while I realized it was the other way round, it is a regain of concentration on the audible channel, which yet took place during the setup of my installation / performance before.

thus the environment, the jam session situation activated then the social / interactive sense which rendered more awareness onto the audible sense, as it causes no need to look for communication / situational check … sound guided the flow while getting of the fingers or only looking up offered various visual streams one could go with to interact.

most important, there was no time-sheduled or whatever script – go with the flow.

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