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ephemeral AV sculpting

ephemeral a/v sculpting

is one strain of audiovisual interest since late 2014 … when I met a colleague, Denny Lightray / Denny Voch, who is amazingly into analog branches of light art …

when he realized, I use a videoscope for gaining an additional sensory channel on fine-tuning analog synthesizers, and retuning / detuning during performances, when the voice to be tuned is silent, but present.

Denny taking a look at the projection on the TV screen, which is now a control screen, asked wether I ever thought about using this for a projection.

As the videoscope is a nice tool, it is bit “thin” with dots and lines, as well as slow in terms of clock / regeneration, I answered, yeah, but I found it to weak on the projection surface, yet he answered, of course, but as a beam-projection it might be interesting. Easily convinced, we simply hooked up the analog video out to a wide-angle – near-distance projector and he mounted a haze machine. Lights off, and I was stunned…

Before that we’ve met at one of his liquid – light workshops, moving liquid lights forward, without any loss of its charme and spirit and yet avoiding the swamp-pits of cliche pushing it further, through the workshops he offers to participate at.

During more workshops I attended and increasing exchange in ideas and concepts, that culminated to the idea of the lightspeaker, again, giving an even more intensive warp to a parked, hibernating project idea, visualizing sound by a speaker itself, using liquid – what brought difficulties / barriers – which just disappeared, after he took a closer look at my work, a bit like physical narrative installation on my Kilpisjärvi Bioartsociety residency in fall 2013, together with Markus Decker. The installation utillized a speaker as a twofold display, the Kilpisjärvi itself, the lake, naming the location and thus propagating the sound of the structural drone, which emanated from a storm hitting the station, turning the air-conditioning system into an organ.


test performance / cut scene 2014


test performance uncut 2014



ephemeral soundsculpting meets sonification is sonification visualized


“air to air” developments met beam projection, the first ever suitable visual layer for my analog modular synthesizer works.

as electronic signals are not bound to a certain medium of spatial materialization, the modular analog synthesizer materializes as optical beam-projection emerging on clouds of haze-particles and as pressure waves, disturbing the spatial air-body and activating the spatial structure and other sensual layers for a more immersive experience.


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