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sonification visualized

sonification visualized is a crossover between two interests: sonification of information, sensual – information … sensations turned in audible sensations and visualization of sound … waveforms asocitations between sounds etc…


air to air analog synth sonification setup with real AV visualization setup @ Ninos Consentidos Wien second edition @ brick-5 3rd April 2015.

Ninos Consentidos Vienna Sound Recording

recorded with zoom recorder mounted on the ceilling – it is ob-audible that performance was silent and subtle at certain moments even the quite presence of audience cuts through – I like this.

The title sonification visualized marks a current field of interest which got boosted or even warped concerning intensity and drive when I got in touch with Light Artist Denny Lightray. During my preparations for “air to air” setup involved in grundsteinsieben performance series “OFF”, he suggested to use the yet available analog videosignal not only for visualization on scree, but for beam-projections.

So since end of march 2015 a new approach to create more immersive spatial and sensational situations without adding other sources of matters than sound.

Visualization is based on MFB VD01 video-tool which is a very basic oscilloscope, available for modular synthesizers, delivering a analog composite video signal, which uses always the realtime, live sound output of the performance on the x, or y-axis and for the second axis sometimes one of the main oscillators or a LFO with a reach from taking ages up into the audible frequency area , or even mixes of electroc signals directy from the modular rack.

If the visual and acoustic seem to impair, this is due to scalings in the VD01 but most often because of inaudible sometimes even strong sound, which is not reproduced by the speakers anymore or anyway beyond our audible reach, must be “fun” for dogs I realized.

This signal is split and routed to (control) monitor and projector(s) beams transport the signal into visual space and time.

Video taken during exploration weeks at grundstein 7 Vienna

real analog AV both, visuals and sound based on analog technologies. see the sound – sound is the source of audible and visual part of what you see and hear. but the spatial sound situation is ihabited by the sounding  agents of the visualization department, adding a layer of buzz telling about it’s activities and many of them go along with time-spatial interactions with the beam visualization.



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