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public space sonification projects

first public space sonification / acoustic intervention project


traffic drone a7 is a public space acoustic intervening sound work, realized on July 1 2013 at the “Voestbrücke” in Linz Austria. it is a very raw sonification piece, projecting the modified and enhanced sounds and beat triggerd by traffic hitting as cars hit the expansion joint and the sound starts to travel through the steel body.

sounds of bridge taken and amplified with piezi pickups and mics at interesting acoustic spots, a rather ephemeral work.

setting up, some tests, not to much in respect of limited power capacity of the battery, engaging the setup, some talk with people passing by about my doing here, the openeing, some words, some documentry, whilst the traffic played the setup, some talk, battery getting low, speakers getting more silent, packing away, moving on.  the traffic drone stays in its ever differnences and details and its overall general patterns, following the patterns of individual activities … listening … sonic thinking

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