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CV in some sentences

What to say about me and my development till now?

Well this is a try:

I’m active as musician since at least 1993, had joined several Bands and projects in different styles of music but always connected to the DIY / Indie Scene.

The band project that influenced me with most impact had been YIELD 7 a classic 3 on stage lineup, which I joined with two Australians, but very important with associated member #4 the man at the knobs and sliders behind the F.O.H desk.

This early phase between 1993 and 1997 forced me to get my hands on the desk too and further to start working in the art- and especially sound art sphere.

1994 till 2005 I’ve been active as freelancer in the field of sound technology, setting up installations and participating in realization of mainly sound-works. I developed into the field of studio works as well as into field-recording and sound-engineering.

Besides that I engaged myself in the field of sociological studies ,what suffered for the period of getting addicted to sound-works and art, but 2005 in finally made it and graduated in sociology, what to certain extent is result of being lucky to get a grant of ESF to finish my studies what out me into the (un)fortune of being not allowed to work, so I had the chance to put 100% of time into the studies and in rethinking my approach towards life.

2001 was an other breakpoint, as I started to engage myself into electronic music, what yet happend within YIELD 7 but now I started to develop sound-works alone and still only for myself.

2003 hANGovER_9 one more indie-project was transformed into a electronic – only project and with this I started a short period of audio-visual works. hANGovER_9e continued till 2005 when we split up as our interests and living situations exceeded the distance to be bridged easily enough, what forced me to develop further as l00pz0l0 with first solo pieces.

2006 till 2009 I grabbed dusted traces of my personal history connected to Radio, especially to the pirate-radio area in the early 1990’s and found a new job within Radio FRO, the Linz based community-radio, that is the direct result of the fight for communicational rights and freedom of speech fought in Austria in the 1990s.

Within Radio FRO I achieved to bundle and interweave my different interests and development strains, as I organized projects related to societal causes with artistic approaches and media technologies. Within this period I developed two conference projects as part of the ARS Electronica Festivals 2007 and 2008 and organized Radio FRO’s participation in two international EU funded projects, BREAK 2007 and HAIP 2008 (HAIP goes HYPE 2009). The latter one led into participating at the LiWoLI projects of servus.at.

In 2008 I started to work at the Arts University Linz, where I run a small experimental Sound-Studio and do some teaching in audio techniques, sound-work, sound-processing and related fields like field-recording and both, analogies as well as digital synthesis of sounds. Further I found myself in extended interest for the history of electronic music and sound-studies.

But as I seem not to be able to focus well I started studies of civic education and freedom politics and do some freelance non profit work in this field as civic educator in workshops for teenagers concerning democratic principles and human rights. This was one more intermezzo, it seems, I paused the studies as the “project” sonifer grew and developed and as my activities in teaching sound <–> society relations and soundstudies grew too. But I still have some very little activities in the field of civic-education still, but I choose very careful what meets my interest and style as if it makes sense and fun to me it most likely attracts the students.

With 2011 /2012 /2013 I pushed sound/music and artistic activities one more step further. 2011 I joined “EXPANDERRR COLLECTIVE”, the maintainer and host of “Expanderrr Network”, which is hosting this blog too and developed with together with other EXPANDERRRs the idea/project “swarm-grid-sensing“, which found its premier @ LiWoLi 2012.

End of 2011 I got the offer to sonify (sonification) the “Rüfikopf Bahn” Mountain-Cable-Car for the alternative Ski-Season-Opening in Lech/Zürs (Vlbg.) using the structures, mainly the big carrier – cables to extract sounds from it to create a performable soundinstallation on the mountain-top-plane, noising out over the mountain-ridge.

2012 sonifer carried out some concerts and performances, from which partials can be found on the sonifer – blog  and with 2013 I moved my productive homebase to the shared – collective – atelier of the association “HOLZHAUS” where the newest projects and the develoment of my growing analogue-synth-environment blossomed.

2013 marked one more change, working intensively with the growing modular and other synth stuff  I decided to split the direction towards analog electronic dance from electro-acoustic  or sonifiaction focussed approaches, so Sonifer is for the dance and Michael Schweiger carries out more conceptual or abstract works.

AMRO 2014, dbd, dust bass’n drum was a twinlking crossover between both, as the data-opera project experiences of dust sensing analog modular sonification seemed to be perfect to fit the nightline application. Sonifer music setup enhanced by dust sensors interferring and influencing parameters of sound shape, but under final control of Sonifer, so somewhat obfuscateing wether dust control is engaged or not and if yes to which extent. This playful intransparency is ment to remind the intransparency concerning framing and campaigning in media and politics concerning pm10 / pm20 fine-dust pollution margins ang tresholds.




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