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michael schweiger … development & exchange

Why I started

I started this blog, to create a base or node, that interconnects my interest in devlopment / exchange, he, especially concerning sound, aural reality and sonic thinking with other interest centered to sociology, understanding of now and pro activities, like community radio, (dev)blogs etc.. Further I will put here links to various sites and pages ,which I consider to be of interest to others too.

Where it went

Meanwhile it became more a node for the various interest, which arose especially in the field of “visonics”, as I call audio-visual realtion, where a sound, sounds the way it does, due to shaping a visual entity of the sound audible, by material translation, of the analog, (electric) entity of sound, into ephemeral sound sculpture(s), which shape, spatial presence of the sound with visual qualities, what causes shape of the sound in the audible realm too, of course, as there is only the one sound in the generator, actuator, which folds in space and dives from electric into body-sound state, using electro-optical devices which make sound visible.

And on it goes

An other strain is the sonic – thinking issue, which is about listen to understand. Urging for rethinking approaches concerning noise, sound politics, sound and power, sound and state of interactivity etc. So I started just recently a theory zone where I will put sound, text, ideas, etc. – yet bridging university sound work and other sound work, I do.

Here I’ll give a glance about my CV and  different pages will provide data and links concerning projects or topics I’m involved or interested in.