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speed of wobble lfo and pitch of the higher oscillator is provided by dust-sensor data converted into analog control voltage.

dbd dusted bass&drum is a sprout from data_opera residency @ ArsBioarctica in KIlpisjärvi, heavily influenced by the experiences during “special issues” exhibition @ servus clubraum.

dbd is the attempt to introduce dust and other environmental conditions via sensors as controlers into sonifers electronic music setup, based on analog synthesizers and sequencers.

therefore a specially designed arduino shield designed by Uwe Schüler will boost my set of dust sensors develpoed during and after Kilpisjärvi.

The first performance with dbd during AMRO 2014  worked quite well, unfortunately without documentation.

Second performance with dbd tokk place druing Nastupiste 1-12 regulat lines project in June 2014 (very poor barely useable doc)

dbd will participate in march edition of “off” – an interactive / collaborative performance lab @ g7 Vienna on March 28 2015