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direct visualization of sound generated by “air to air” setup:

during setup the idea arose to visualize the sound output of the “air to air” modular synthesizer setup, as there was still the video tool sitting in the modular rack.

the sound is influenced by air realted data translated into control-voltages interfering as modifiers of modulation streams.

during tests I realized, that adding some very high frequencies constantly standing, to the realtime controlled sound mix, results in very nice visuals dispersing the waves into point clouds.

so what you see is not exactly what you hear, but not more. only portions of audible signal present in mix are tempered to keep signal in range of screen with / projection width.

finally during performance first only the tv-screen will be operated later on, after adding haze to the room and driving the dust sensor nuts, visualization will add beam projection, which works beautiful with flikering light points and partials of the lines dancing the sound.


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