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air to air is the working title of the current proejct-derivate from data_opera and even more from its sprout dbd, dusted bass n’ drum

still using analog modular synthesizer controled by control voltages, which are electric displays of sensor values.

what changed is the use of different sensors monitoring air quality, temp and humidity and the approach to go for better focused interactive control.

air-quality sensor turned out to react on smell and does so, if the carrier substance is gone, very delicate and in a very close reach, what offers new approach to use it as interface played with spattels as carrier.

the temperature  and humidity sensors should work good to, if e.g. dancers pass by and stop for a while close to a sensor, while dust sensor and air-quality sensors with damped sensitivity should carry out subtle changes in some general parameters of the sound-environment influenced by the overall cumulated activity while the performance evening.

first two are from preparations for performance at  AMRO 2014 festival nightline in STWST

last is about first steps to engage air-quality sensor as part of an olfactory playable interface to control analog synthesizer parameters. in this case mainly filter parameters.

air to air g7 OFF development post here!


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