Well Expanderrr has moved to servus.at, the one real Host and Hub for Linz based cultural initiatives, artists and other open-source – sharing – collaboration orientated individuals and groups.

During the relocation and even much longer expanderrr.org, still hosted on tumblr will stay online, but we will not maintain it anymore.

Hopefully we will have completed our migration soon and if things work well we should be able to transfer even the old posts from tumblr into our new virtual base.

Meanwhile we will post most important news on both sites!

The most important in the moment, that we changed our communication too:

You can reach us using expanderrr@servus.at, the other, older email adresses will not be maintained, but we will forward messages from there to our new account.

As you will recognise we still use a blog blueprint for our presence, we do not like that very much, but unfortunately we do not have the skills to do it in a different way yet and there are many other things to be done, but if you know well how to use e.g. drupal and want to offer collaborative help with these things feel free to contact us, we want to learn and we still believe that we should expand ;-)


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