SWARM, PERFORM, EXPLORE – How to sense the City?

LiWoLi is a community festival, open lab and annual meeting spot for artists, educators and developers using and creating Free Software (FLOSS), Open Hardware and Open Design in the artistic and cultural context. This event is all about sharing artistic skills, code and knowledge within the public domain and discussing the challenges of an open practice.

This year’s edition had a special focus on artworks that could be created, performed or exhibited outdoors and in public space and EXPANDERRR conducted a workshop on Swarming behaviour performance.

Very often the concept of swarming is used to notice and to find rule-sets or algorythms to rpedict individual behaviour in certain situations, as in public spaces and the impact of one´s individual self-perception when there is a set of rules that shape the swarming behaviour.

We wanted to go further using the concept of swarming as a basic set; enhancing it so we could collect individual notions and sense a societal and personal feedback on response to our collecitve action.

In the first phase of the workshop we introduced the swarming practice and the concept of city swarming as tool for social sculpture, challenge of the power and condition shaping behavior in different types of public space as to develop a series of swarming “performances” in public space. Therefor Phase I included the decision on the set of rules that would organize the swarming behavior and subsequently the swarms collective behavior.

The second phase was the swarming performance itself and the sensing part of it. It was the time to take consciousness of self-feelings, notions and reactions caused by the swarm.

To compare and discuss what as swarm particles we sensed and detected was the first outcome of our performance, yet receiving very good feedback from the participants and soon to be updated this part of the expierence, we already plan to make a second swarm workshop at the begining of juli!