Michael Schweiger (UfG / Expanderrr) / Enrique Tomas ( “Sound workshop”, Monday 20th, 11pm till when it ends is the right time

The Workshop is not yet closed in terms of topic, as the main approach of the whole project is relational art, the workshop will be devoted in terms of it’s directional setting to be open to be shaped, both, in terms of topics and goals and third in decision taking of the modus operandi. Short put, the participants will decide like a flock of birds the direction of the collaborative process according to  the needs and expectations of the participants and in respect of the limited given mains of production.

Fortunately Enrique Tomas (Quique), a member of, will participate at the workshop and will offer his ideas and knowldege too, what will enrich the workshop tremendously, as he is really offering a lot of expertise in various techniques and branches, both, of open source thougt and commitment and audio-arts.

He is involved in curation of Soundscape series of KAPU, cofounder together with laborlinz members of Sound map:, part of Labor Linz:
and never to forget member of servus campus, a constant space for workshops:

Check  his site: it will make you go for it!!!

MIchael Schweiger will provide the Soundstudio’s portable Studio, Mics and Recorders, some small speakers, one or two analog mixing desks and some piezo disks (yet prepared to use and some to be soldered and coated wirh liquid ruber) and some other mains for experiments, like breadboards and some circuit schematics and literature full of playful little basic experiments…

And of course both will share his approaches and ideas, as well as their love for audio works and audible experiments. They”d like to go for a group-work process leading to make the comtainer sound and interact with it’s surround. But this is merely a proposal.