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We keep developing our concept based on crowd sourcing, focused in a Open Space for interaction and exchange, discussion, collective learning and download.

Therefore we keep an open call and invite you to join us. We are interested in curating one exhibition under the topic “Relational Art & Open Space”, workshops, talk sessions, lectures, performances, one Pecha Kucha night and anything you could think of and we didn’t mention. Please send photos or videos of your project as well as a description of what would you like to do during the time the Open Space is available.

EXPANDERRR is a collective formed of individuals coming from different fields of study and united by the common goal of open information and creation. The collective is focused on adapting empty public spaces which have been abandoned of human activity to host an array of public open culture events and structures under these conditions:

* All activities are to be carried out and offered for free, albeit there will be costs for material (for “external participant e.g in workshops and only for material costs, which directly derive from the participation in the workshop)

* All production will be developed under Free licenses.

* It is a condition to participate in the dynamics of the Project as a whole, participating in a regular way in the different work schedules, maintenance and attention to public.

* If you find yourself in any situation where you are neither learning nor contributing: Give greetings, use your two feet, and go do something useful. Responsibility resides with you.


During this week we will carry out:


– Peter Kubofsky “Drawing workshop”, Montag 19th, 17pm

– Vesela Mihaylova “Thumb-Fu!” (Game Design), Thursday 15th, 14pm

– Michael Schweiger “Sound workshop”, Friday 16th, 14pm

– Theresa Gindlstrasser “Experimental Dance workshop”, Saturday 17th, 14pm

– Antonia Prohaska “Muschihäckel workshop”, Tuesday 20th, 18pm

– Liesa Warum ” Das WakaDu Prinzip “, Wednesday 14th, 14pm

– Laura Mc Kinnon “Take away Photoworkshop”


– Maximillian Luger, Tuesday 20th, 17pm

– Martin Kaltenbrunner “Free Licenses”, Thursday 15, 12pm

– Michael Schweiger “A short look at the history of electr(on)ic music”, Thursday 15,     18pm

– Anna moreno – Artwork presentation – √

– Hans Kropshofer “Transpublic” – Stadtraum – pending

– Onur Sönmez “Brain Interface”, Saturday 17th, 16pm


Open Space:

Everyday we will Open the Containerrr for two to three hours to host interesting activities proposed by anyone who is keen to use the space we offer.

Available hours:

Thursday 15th: 18:00pm to 20:00pm

Friday 16th: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm, 18:00pm to 20:00pm

Saturday 17th: 11:00am to 13:00pm

Monday 19th: 11:00am to 16:00pm

Tuesday 20th: 11:00am to 16:00pm.


We will hold a curated exhibition under the topic: Relational Art & Open Space. Opening Exhibition on the 17th of December at 19pm.

Open distribution of exhibited and generated material.

15% comission of the art sales will go towards the working costs of Expanderrr.


Special Events:

* Christoph Herndler Piano Concert, Friday 16th from 17:00 pm

* Tee Salon

* We will hold a Pecha Kucha Night. Topic: CATALYZER, Monday 19th, 19pm

* Project presentation (CATALYZER Association, ENDOSKOP Magazine) on Saturday 17th, 11am

* Discussion Round.

The project will take place in the three containers in Promenade, Linz. From the 14th to the 21th of December 2011.

To anyone interested in participating, Hello world!

Mail us to

See you at the containerrr,