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Michael SchweigerSonifer / SoniLumatrice / ViSonic research

now ran the former EXPANDERRR network now since some years as documentary,  while Michael Schweiger, former part of EXPANDERRR collective, expanded approaches to sonic, social, and visual sonic or VISONIC work, thinking and practice experiments.

so it is time to take over with the grown, rosen net of projects, interest fileds, and performed artistic and science, society related interest.

Michael Schweiger is the core, the gravitized around interest into sound, listening, sonic thinking, sound-love, music, realtime interactive – and/or- closed loop like approaches into sound, sonic visuals, ephemeral realtime sculpting sound, casting light into bodily moved body of air in dark space etc. Sensors driving electronic sound engines, social public space experiments, sound installations / public sound intervetions etc, fieldrecording, sound teaching and soinc thinking are the main occupational as well as personal fields of interest, whiel fieldrecording bridges the drive towards the north, mountains, emtpy areas, caverns and abandoned places or sonic “Stalker” zones in urban areas.

Visonic is the most current approach, realized, while mybe the one, which grew ever since within me, while music, organized sound, curious listenting and a drive to make musik in different ways and area, became defocussed more and more.

Defocussed in terms of spatial, time, space, body, material and contextual, origin, destiny, path, passasage, travel of Sound, and some other, which I started to find more interesting and important, or better put, resonating properties and interna of sound, as well as the social, interactive, emotional and body sound perception, in conjunction with sonic indeoligcal mine fields, like noise, noise pollution etcetera, interest as sociological mind camew upfront, again on base of sonic thinking, sociao-sonic and visonic understanding.

So Sonifer is for electronic music of various kinds, unideologic, but yet predoccupied by analog fever. Sonifer, derives from a word play, with Lucifer, the light donor in various deist tales and is timely set in a Noise – Phase. Sonifer, throws, brings, offers, tosses, caress … Sound in ever diiferent ever courious listening ways, while over time became more and more Electronic Dance oriented Music, while Michael Schweiger took over the more noise, pure experomental approaches, as well as the rosen interest in fields like sonification, audofication, sonorization, different branches of data, information, process machine/systems communication turned into sonical observable processes.

SoniLumatrice is the mainly visual interested counterpart of Sonifer, a “she” entitiy named concept, in tribute to the fact, that vj-culture, editing, cutting, visual sound concepts, like ORAMICS is one rare, not pure malish dominated experimental early electronic field. SoniLumatrice is about fog projections, realtime sound to light-beam ephemeral soundsculpting and yet ever spatio-acoustic oriented works … make structures of space rather heared, than visibly sensable…

Visonic Garden, is one of the latest approaches, which is about creating VI(sually) Sonic installation setups, garden like arranged in terms of spatial organization and placing of single areas, machines, generators, intermodulation networks etc. spread, conquer, or hide in an area, different height, size, intensities etc. shape perceptional many-dimensional chances, parcours, pace, closeness, distance, questioning, etc…  No path described or given, small amounts of information for the forebrain reading system, at least no pre-text, all lines of connections, cables, visible, touchabel, if one wanted, playble, and all senseable, in terms of detail interest causes moves, as well as orientation in the space, what offers perspectives and listen angles, shift, what could make one surprised, about the travel of energy in floor, air, walls etc, whie all is gentle in volume, never loud.




still Expanding Reality…